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DVD-Video Software Production Guidebook Version 1.0 The first Guidebook edited by a group of experts from DVD Forum is already available.

  • DVD-Video Software Production Guidebook Japan Ver.1.0 ( in English )
  • DVD-Video Software Production Guidebook Japan Ver.1.0 ( in Japanese )
Book Introduction
  • Japan Version 1.0 in English: total of 113 pages
  • Japan Version 1.0 in Japanese: total of 112 pages
    "Published by Pioneer Electronic Corporation and Pioneer LDC, Inc."
    • DVD-Video format \ New media format established in 1996. This "DVD-Video Software Production Guidebook" is published as a practical guide of DVD-Video software production, edited by a group of experts from DVD Forum. This Guidebook provides the following useful information, mainly for the people who are in charge of DVD-Video software content planning, creation, authoring and disc manufacturing. Of course, this Guidebook can also be widely utilized as an elementary book to DVD-Video.

        Chapter1 - Basic features and functions of DVD-Video system:
        Explains the performance and features of DVD-Video, and supports the production of software having unique features of DVD-Video.
        Chapter 2 - Information for software production:
        Clarifies the recording format of source material tape for DVD-Video contents and provides smooth ordering process for authoring studios and disc manufactures.
        Chapter 3 - Requirement and recommendation of logo, sign and other indications:
        Clarifies necessary indications on the disc label and package to minimize customer's confusion on the market.
        Chapter 4 - DVD related terminology
        Appendix \ Region No. List

      DVD-Video, which applies advanced video compression technology and audio recording system, has been developed as media to meet various needs of software production. We hope this book will be referenced in your software production, and hope you will widely adopt DVD-Video for your various software contents.
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