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Extension of DVD-Video Format

DVD-Video Format is applicable to DVD-R for General Use and DVD-RW

"DVD Specifications for Read-Only Disc Part 3:VIDEO SPECIFICATIONS", which is popularly known as the DVD-Video Format, was originally specified as an application format for DVD Read-Only Discs (DVD-ROM) and was issued as a DVD format book by the DVD Forum in August 1996.

In December 2000, its applicable range was extended to DVD Recordable Discs for General Use (DVD-R - General) and DVD Re-recordable Discs (DVD-RW). The announcement was also issued as supplementary information by the DVD Forum. Therefore, various and attractive functions defined in the DVD-Video Format have already been available to DVD-R for General and DVD-RW discs as well as DVD-ROM discs.

Only non-copyrighted content is applicable

The extension enables users to record their own Audio/Visual contents on a DVD-R for General or a DVD-RW disc, namely, it provides users with recording usage of the DVD-Video Format. Only non-copyrighted content is applicable, as defined in the supplementary information for the extension.

Identification methods are introduced

To distinguish a user's own Audio/Visual content recorded on a DVD-R for General or a DVD-RW disc (created by a user) from commercial content on a DVD-ROM disc (created by a content provider), identification methods are introduced.

DVD-Book subscribers should refer to the related information at the Book subscriber area on this web site, where the necessary information is described for both software companies and hardware manufacturers who are planning to market products related with the DVD-Video Format.

An extension to DVD-RAM is under discussion

The application of the DVD-Video Format to DVD Rewritable Discs (DVD-RAM) is currently under discussion among related Working Groups in the DVD Forum.
When a decision is reached, information will be posted on this web site.

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